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    Why should you become a member of a church?

    Being a member of a church serves a constructive purpose in our lives. Together, all people can join together in the light and love of God.


    "People who believe that they do not have to belong to a church to be a 'good Christian'...imagine if public safety was left to the unorganized efforts to individual citizens, would this be more effect than our organized men and women in the police force?..."


    Please listen to the message above from Father Andrew Demotses of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America

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  • The Parish Council

    The Beautiful Gift of Time

    Should You Join?

    Are you a contributing member of the body of Christ?

    Are you actively serving God and sharing Him with others?

    Are you contributing to peace and unity within His body?

    Do you worship regularly?


    Take a moment to evaluate your life in light of these principles.

    We are called to apply our gifts, training, abilities, education and skills to the tasks that God places before us. If we do this humbly and prayerfully, the body of Christ will function to its full potential.

    2020 Parish Council Members. (from left to right) Irene Lazarides, Anna Flossos Georgia Constantine Barbara Thermos Michael Kavourias Irene Markotsis Irene Kalogeras Kalliope Gonias Argyro Mavrikos (Not in photo) James Gabriel, Nick Rontiris

    2021 Parish Council Members (from left to right) Irene Lazarides, Anna Flossos, Georgia Constantine, Barbara Thermos, Michael Kavourias, Irene Markotsis, Irene Kalogeras, Kalliope Gonias, Argyro Mavrikos
    (Not in photo) James Gabriel, Nick Rontiris, Ted Papdopoulos, Cathie Theofanis, Brian Vezeris


    2022 Executive Committee

    Nicholas Rontiris, President

    Anna Flossos, Vice President

    Irene Lazarides, Secretary

    Irene Kalogeras, Treasurer


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